Video Translation

Panoplay povides high quality video translation services to

attract and open up your videos to a global audience.

Team Panoplay Guarantees :

Team Panoplay Guarantees :

Stable Processing of Large Vol.

Stable processing of large volumes of translations through a synchronization and source script auto complete AI system.

Reasonable Price

We are upfront with our clients about the true cost involved in the production thus provide an honest service without overpriced quotes.

Expert Production Services 

A customized translation guideline ensuring the professionalism of the content and the consistency of the quality.

Our Extensive Experience in 

Multilingual Video Translation

Avg. Amount of Video Translated


Turnaround Time

48 hrs max.

No. of Global Partners


Film Producers·Distributors | Independent·Commercial Films

Our Professional 

Movie Translation Team,

Provides readable translated subtitles by taking into consideration the number of characters that can be shown on screen. 

Conveys the exact meaning by translating slang, swear words, nicknames, gestures, and other words that need localization according to the target language. 

Provides translations with gender/political/social issues in mind to increase the engagement level of the audience when watching a movie.

We support translation services for 

each and every step, before and after 

the movie production.

Pre-production Stage

Document translation before shooting to help the film reach global audiences.

We provide the necessary translations of the synopsis, scenario, film plans, and everything else needed to enter international markets.

Post-production Stage

Translation of promotional content for film festivals/film market submission.

Example of promotional content: 
Movie posters, advertisement videos and movie trailers.

TV Series | Documentaries | Animation

Specialized Translation Team

A translator selection/management system that maintains the highest quality standard. 

Only 3-7% of around 1,000 applicants are approved to work after passing our internal translation test . 

Customized Guideline 

A customized and specific translation guideline is set to ensure the professionalism of the content.

Detailed guideline sets the delivery format, proper nouns, symbols, punctuation, and more to ensure consistency throughout the video.

Example of a Guideline
If the relationships between them and their job position in the company, the characters must speak in honorifics.
Units & Numbers
Use “won” for KRW.
For numbers, use Arabic numerals or write in Korean.
Delivery Format
SRT; VTT; Frame units; Script
Social Issues
Refrain from using phrases with derogatory meanings or wording that could result in social issues.

Reality shows | MCN | Entertainment Companies

Risk Management of Artists 

We minimize the risk of image damage through a separate guide for each artist. Also, we appropriately decide on revisions to fit the target culture or delete cursing or religious/cultural terms that may cause controversy.

Swearing · Slander  · Derogatory
Rephrase words such as 'RETARDED', 'IDIOT', 'BASTARD' to 'DUMMY'
Religious Words
Rephrase words such as 'JESUS', 'OH GOD', 'NIRVANA' to 'OH MY'
Words associated with Drugs · Alcohol
If possible, refrain from using words such as 'WEED', 'POT', 'HIGH'
Management of Artist Glossaries

We provide a separate guide for each artist that is continually updated such as a word list for each individual artist (The written name, nickname for each artist in each language). 

Stage Name

Real Name

김태리Kim Taeri
김리하Kim Rihaキム·リハ
민한진Min Hanjinミン·ハンジン

In-house training | Conference | Core subject lectures·speeches

Assigns Translators with Field Expertise

Translation quality is assured through assigning the most
suitable expert from Panoplay's professional academics translation team for the video’s respective field.

Moreover, multiple translation/proofreading processes to help the educational video’s target audience easily understand the content.

A System for Mass Production

We possess an internal mass production system via our excellent translation infrastructure that is incomparable to other vendors.

Furthermore, we provide a reasonable price by applying a discounted rate according to the translation quantity. 

Promotions | Seminars | Company· Product·Service Introduction Videos

Consideration of the Brand Image 

By applying each brand’s unique image to the translation through a deep understanding of the product or service, you can experience ever-satisfying quality of translation.

Additionally, translation take place in accordance to the advance knowledge of the parts of clients’ brand that they want to emphasize 

Localized Translations for the Target Country 

A translator with a deep understanding of the target country’s market and industry for successful entry into foreign market is assigned for each different project.

We also comply with local laws by including certain information in the product introduction or manual video according to the target country’s laws.

Notation Specification
The company name should always be written in English regardless of the language it is being translated into.
Terms used in the industry (ex. Business Model) should be written as pronounced instead of translating it to the target language
Tone & Manner
Aim for a deep and serious tone instead of a bright tone that stands out to fit the company's BI

Panoplay to Save Your Time

Contact us now to setup a time to go over the details with you and receive your free quote for video translation.

Panoplay to Save Your Time

Contact us now to setup a time to go over the details with you 

and receive your free quote for video translation.